Section outline

    • DevCamp: Tue & Wed - 3rd & 4th of September

      “It’s an intensive two-day hackathon which allows Moodle developers to work with like-minded people on hands-on projects while having the opportunity to exchange know-how, validate their ideas and create working code.”

      Moodle DevCamp is an open and free-of-charge two-day hackathon for all developers, UX experts, QA pros, and everyone interested in Moodle. The event will be conducted as a hackathon, which allows participants to get their hands dirty and transform some ideas into working code. At the beginning of the event, ideas will be pitched by the participants. Everyone gets the opportunity to work on the project that sparks their interest the most. After finding like-minded people who want to collaborate on specific ideas, the participants will have space and time to produce working code.

      During the Moodle DevCamp, the participants will have the opportunity to pitch their favorite ideas, find like-minded people to transform the ideas into working code and present the results during those two days.

    • BarCamp: Thu & Fri - 5th & 6th of September

      The MootDACH is a BarCamp with a focus on Moodle. The participants create the program! 

      This format is an ad hoc unconference, where people exchange information in an open environment and can learn from each other. It is an intense event with discussions, presentations, and interaction of participants. There is an introductory round at the start of the event. Everyone gets the opportunity to focus on their main interests, populate the session plan with their topics or join existing topics. Each 45-minute session will be independently designed by the participants joining the session. A flying change during the sessions is possible and welcome.
    • Target groups

      The primary target groups for the MoodleMoot DACH are:
      • Moodle developers
      • Moodle administrators
      • Moodle users

      For all target groups, there will be the opportunity to exchange thoughts, find answers to open questions, start projects and have four productive days.

    • Schedule

      Tue, Sep 3rd from 09:00 Opening DevCamp desk - grab your coffee
        10:00-10:15 Opening DevCamp
        10:15-11:00 Pitch your idea!
        11:00-17:30 Dev Sessions
        17:30-18:00 Sprint Pitching & Closing day 1
      Wed, Sep 4th
      09:00-09:15 Opening DevCamp desk - grab your coffee
        09:00-09:15  Good Morning
         from 09:15 Dev Sessions
        16:30-17:30 Project Presentations

      And the winner is … Closing DevCamp

        ~19:00-… Informal evening event 

      Thu, Sep 5th from 09:00 Opening BarCamp desk - grab your coffee
        10:00-10:15 Opening BarCamp
        10:15-11:00 Pitching & setting up the schedule
        11:00-18:00 Sessions (45'+15'switch)
        18:00 Rounding out day 1
        ~19:00-… Informal evening event

       Fri, Sep 6th from 08:30  Opening BarCamp desk - grab your coffee
        08:45-09:00  Let's get started - Kickoff of the last day!
        09:00-13:00 Sessions (45'+15'switch)
        13:00-14:00 Closing Session BarCamp and MootDACH24

      14:00 End of the MootDACH24