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Academic Moodle Cooperation (ACM)

The Academic Moodle Cooperation (AMC) is an organization based in Austria that provides support and services for institutions and organizations that use the Moodle learning management system (LMS). The AMC was created to support the use of Moodle in educational institutions across Austria, and it is the official Austrian Moodle Partner.

The AMC provides a range of services to its members, including technical support, consulting, training, and development. They also offer a variety of products and services that are tailored to the specific needs of educational institutions, such as hosting, customization, and integration with other systems.

The AMC is committed to the development and promotion of open-source software in education and works closely with the Moodle community. They also provide services to members of the community to support the development of Moodle and its integration into education.

The AMC members are made up of educational institutions, such as schools, universities, and colleges, and other organizations that use Moodle to support teaching and learning. The AMC works closely with its members to ensure that they have the support and resources they need to make the most of Moodle and to provide high-quality education.