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Room "Panasonic"

Room "Panasonic"

von Eva Karall -
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Room "Panasonic"

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Thursday, 16:45h: Micro Navigation on course start page

von Wiebke Müller -

To all People who attended this Session - pls. share some screenshots related to the Numerus examples you gave thx Wiebke

==== PAINS ====

- No Development and Design Skills with Most teachers 
- Limited resources to support Content related and Contest design support tasks 
- Various use cases learning scenarios all use the one theme, using mostly the default course format „weekly“ or „topic“
- course start pages grow too Long, are annoying to find your way through and „suck“ especially with mobile usage 
- students and teachers especially those with paid courses (Weiterbildung) ask for sexy course Start pages 
- hiding the content (1 section per pages) doesn’t allows users to search for contents
- too much text Reading necessary, missing elements for intuitive Micro-navigating through content 
We need Solutions (e.g. to Provide templates) that give structuring elements that teachers can just adapt and fill with their own content. Ideally these templates are robust enough so that they can be edited without breaking them.

==== GAINS ====
What ways are there in the existing world of Moodle and it’s Themes, plugins and bootstrap related code snippets that we can provide for ourselves (managers) and teachers on the course.
- use Grid layout for topics
- use collapsed topics with decribing textfields inbetween
- creating course headers in section 0 that provide stuctured information on what course it is, learning goals, content, ...then put each section of Course content on new page
- Use/create bootstrap cards with individualised icons (search free libraries e.g. font awesome Icons), colours to group e.g. Communication, Information, activity, assessments on course start page, then link to stealth activities, pick the snippets from the bootstrap documentation and hope they work with your global theme
- use navigatable content types on course start pages such as universal textfield (plugin)
- use Plugin Atto Gestaltungsvorlagen maintained by Uni Ulm, Kathrin Osswald
- provide course content template per learning scenario that teachers can choose from to have it imported when they start Building new courses
- provide individual Course overview per User, Generated in extra table filled with information from database, provide activity links that guide users directly into the course/activity section (activity linking has to be switched on by admins)


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Session: How to make the Gradebook fit for the 21st Century?

von Martin Reichel -
Dear all,

we've had a very exciting discussion on "How to make the Gradebook fit for the 21st Century?" on the first day of the BarCamp. Thanks again to all who participated in it! We've attached a file with the inputs we gathered during that session.

During the DevCamp of the MoodleMoot DACH 2019 we already worked on a couple of things to improve the looks and usability of Moodle's Gradebook. Our goal is to make its functionalities easily accessible and understandable, and to adapt it to the needs of current users - YOU!
For those who haven't seen it yet, we've attached a short presentation about what we've achieved during DevCamp, plus some other ideas we've already discussed within our group.

We'd like to continue the work on this project. Therefore, we'd appreciate your feedback and input:

We're looking forward to seeing you next year at the MoodleMoot DACH in Lübeck!

The team of "The GRADESTreport"