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Session: How to make the Gradebook fit for the 21st Century?

by Martin Reichel -
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Dear all,

we've had a very exciting discussion on "How to make the Gradebook fit for the 21st Century?" on the first day of the BarCamp. Thanks again to all who participated in it! We've attached a file with the inputs we gathered during that session.

During the DevCamp of the MoodleMoot DACH 2019 we already worked on a couple of things to improve the looks and usability of Moodle's Gradebook. Our goal is to make its functionalities easily accessible and understandable, and to adapt it to the needs of current users - YOU!
For those who haven't seen it yet, we've attached a short presentation about what we've achieved during DevCamp, plus some other ideas we've already discussed within our group.

We'd like to continue the work on this project. Therefore, we'd appreciate your feedback and input:

We're looking forward to seeing you next year at the MoodleMoot DACH in Lübeck!

The team of "The GRADESTreport"