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DevCamp Follow-Up: Tracking of the project "…"

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DevCamp Follow-Up: Tracking of the project "…"
by Katarzyna Potocka - Sunday, 15 September 2019, 10:36 AM

Because I know that a lot of you probably have been already working on your DevCamp projects on your way back home – and yes we have pictures to prove this wink – I want to thank Luca for suggesting the new "layout" for those forum posts. 

So for everyone who has been working on some projects at the DevCamp and you want to do so in the future as well it would be amazing if you could take Lucas template and add those as new forum threads in this forum with all the necessary information. Then you can use those threads for further discussions and status quo reports. 

Here once again the suggested thread layout by Luca and pimped by me wink

Thread Title: Tracking of the project "#<DevCamp Team#><Title of the project>"

Authors: <firstname lastname>, <firstname lastname>,<firstname lastname>, <firstname lastname>, <firstname lastname>
Idea by: <firstname lastname>
DevCamp Team Number: #
Based on Pre-Work by <firstname lastname> (optional) 
Sources: <github url>/…

Description of the idea:

Status Quo:

You can find the Team Number here:

Looking forward to all of you working further together on all those amazing projects. 

Cheers Kasia