Moodle DevCamp 2019 - Idea exchange and progress tracking

Tracking of the project "The GRADESTreport"

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Tracking of the project "The GRADESTreport"
by Martin Reichel - Tuesday, 17 September 2019, 9:58 AM

Authors: Daniel Binder, Reinhilde Kircher, Martin W. Reichel, Jana Schmitz, Regula Sutter, Stefan Weber

Idea by: the Team of "The GRADESTreport"
DevCamp Team Number: #14


Description of the idea:
* the gradebook urgently needs a facelift to advance it to the 21st century
* make it easier to deal with bonus points etc. in the gradebook
* simplify functionalities
* increase usability
* fulfill the current needs of the users

Status Quo:
* organised the team for further work on the project
* added a 'slim view' of the overview, so sideways scrolling is minimised
* started adding pagination on top and bottom of grades list
* started adding a field to determine number of users shown per page
* no page reload on collapse/expand columns

Currently working on:
* analysing the needs of the users
* evaluating which functions are used (and which are not)