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Tracking of the project "Improve questionbank with better search options for question"

Luca Bösch
Tracking of the project "Improve questionbank with better search options for question"
by Luca Bösch - Saturday, 19 October 2019, 9:15 AM

Dear colleagues

Am I the wrong person to open this thread, not even being in the project team myself? Probably!
But I'll do it anyway because there is action going on in that field right now which may contribute to your aims.

Therefore I think it's a good moment to talk about changes to the interface of the question bank in Moodle.
Now, on near code freeze of Moodle 3.8, a couple last minute modifications came in.
These are targeted for 3.8 ⁻ or also backported for 3.6 and 3.7 ⁺ .

Look at this list:

MDL-66816 Question bank: replace the row of edit icons with an Edit menu ⁻
MDL-66553 Questions: Display ID number and tags in the question bank UI ⁻
MDL-66930 In edit quiz (Boost/Classic theme), image type icons are too large and have strange classes ⁺
MDL-66960 Align question bank column titles ⁺
MDL-66962 The title for question type in question bank should not break when the sorting icon is there ⁺

This following is important (in the next days/hours) because it influences a decision of the Moodle UX team.

MDL-66956 The question bank action menu should be close to the question name
Please express yourself and pronounce your opinion in too.

But now what I wanted to say, initially. If you, dear Tobias Kutzner, Katja Neubehler and Gerhard Schwed, identified some mini visual glitches: these could still be done in the next days. This movement right now is a wave to surf. Of that above list two minor visual issues have been identified, created, fixed and sent to integration all in a couple of hours, or minutes! – just yesterday afternoon.

So please,

let yourself be heard and put your inputs back in Moodle tracker.
As Bug (preferably small ones which can be fixed right away) or as Improvements (general ideas and concepts) which could be tackeled for future Moodle versions.

Thanks in advance!

Have a nice weekend,