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Quiz 4.0 - let's continue the journey

Quiz 4.0 - let's continue the journey

by Thomas Korner -
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The quiz module is one of the most used activities in Moodle. A lot of additional features have been added over the years and enhanced its possibilities in different domains. E-Assessment has become more and more important over the years for most of the universities. Consequentially the quiz activity has moved into focus. But compared to other applications, fully focused on e-Assessment, Moodle’s quiz activity has some deficiencies (e.g. co-creation). With the great gap between 3.9 and 4 we thought it would be a great idea to think over some parts of the quiz activity and started a process we called “Moodle Quiz 4.0” at the MoodleMoot global online in July. Join us shaping the future of the Quiz module in this doubled workshop (75min).

Prefered slot: Thursday Morning

Tim Hunt, Luca Bösch,Antonia Bonaccorso, Thomas Korner