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Kommunikation Strategien / Communication strategies

Kommunikation Strategien / Communication strategies

by Karin Brown -
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Liebe alle

Ein Theme wo ich noch gerne einen Austausch von Ideen hätte ist Kommunikation. Wie redet ihr über Moodle, mit wem und wie oft?

Wir schreiben an all mit Teacher Rollen vor und nach einem Update aber sind sonst recht ruhig.

Wie sieht es bei euch aus?

Liebe Grüsse


Dear all

A topic I would still love to share ideas on is communication. How do you speak about Moodle, with whom and how often?

We write to all with teacher roles before and after an update, but otherwise we are relatively quiet.

What do you do?

Best regards,


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Re: Kommunikation Strategien / Communication strategies

by Guido Hornig -

I am hosting a number of small and medium size moodle installation for companies.

I always add a hidden category with an internal course.

Content of the internal coure (called "moodle support & maintenance"
  • All person with access to more than normal student is member of  this course.
  • There is a Forum in auto mode where changes are posted and questions can be discussed. Called "log book" like the log book from star ship enterprise,
  • If the admin performs updates, this will be announced and changes, links to, videos of new featureds,  release notes etc
  • This course also contains descriptions about all the tasks like user upload, course creation that needs to be done by more than the admin person.

small and pragmatically, and if disliked or too much mails:   the log book forum subscription can be every bodies own responsibillity

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Re: Kommunikation Strategien / Communication strategies

by Karin Brown -

Thanks Guido

If I understand you correctly, you reach your entire teacher community by posting in the forums in the hidden section in each course. Does it require the Admins to go in each course and post the same message? Depending on how many courses you have, that could be a lot of work. Have I understood you correctly?