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Vergleich von Plugins / genutzten Features

Re: Vergleich von Plugins / genutzten Features

by Alexander Bias -
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Hi all,

I am changing to english to let non-german readers also participate.

today, I would like to give a short update about the announced plugin crawler.

As the feedback for the talk which I have submitted to MoodleMootGlobal about this plugin is still pending, there aren't any slides yet which could be replayed with PPT-Karaoke.

However, I have polished the crawler plugin from 2016 and it's still working, better than before.

Today, I made a crawler run over all Moodle instances listed on to get some up-to-date results.

Here's a screenshot of the result table - at least of a small fraction of it:

Here's a screenshot of the resulting chart, showing the 30 top most used plugins in D-A-CH:

As this is neither rocket science nor top secret, I have published the current status of the crawler plugin on as-is. 

There is still room for improvement (especially regarding the DB queries) and also room for crawling other information about the Moodle sites. If the talk at MoodleMootGlobal will be accepted, I will dive in some more.

For MoodleMootDACH, there won't be a session about this plugin at BarCamp. However, you can approach me at DevCamp to get a quick demo if you like.